From Tango provience in Kyoto

This is a filtango with beautiful silk fabric with 300-year history

This is a valuable silk stole made by skilled craftsmen.

They recreate a complicated weaving patterns with high quality of Tango Chirimen in Kyoto.

We wrap the products in the wrapping paper of Hachitan-bunko.

This stole is washable at home and easy to carry by folding into small.

The weight is about 100g.

The stole has not only good design but also functionality.

filtango stole SARASA

We reproduce the Haori design from the archives in Kyoto.

This stole has 6 colors and patterns suitable for modern life styleand fashion

and is made from washable high-quality pure silk fabric.

 filtango stole RETRO MODERN

We reproduce the retro modern pattern of Showa era from the archives in Kyoto.

There are two patterns, which are geometric pattern

and rose lattice pattern with two colors, respectively.

These patterns and colors are suitable for modern life style and fashion.

 filtango stole JAPONAIS

This filtango stole is printed on beautiful cherry blossom pattern

and made from washable silk fabric with 300-year history.

 wrapping paper of Hachitan-bunko.

 filtango CARD CASE

This card case is made from silk reproduced patterns from the archives in Kyoto.

It is luxury and very good to use in casual scene as well as in business scene. 


The card case is very light and compact.

Its not bulky in your pockets or collar of Kimono.

You can also use it as a coin case and a jewlry case.

The wrapping has two colors, orange and navy.

It is ideal for the present.